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The KHP experience

Welcome to Kimberly Hise Photography!! I am a nationally published, licensed and insured professional photographer located in Chesterfield , VA and serve all of the surrounding areas.

I strive to give you a luxury boutique experience that you can't find anywhere else.   My style is BOLD, VIBRANT, AUTHENTIC AND ARTISTIC.

     My greatest desire is to create works of art that my client's can enjoy for years to come.  As you can see by my portfolio, my images are not cookie cutter.  Each client brings their own personality, likes , dreams and after getting to know you , I can plan the perfect session based around those things.  I will draw out the real YOU!! I love working with my senior clients because its always fresh , new and challenging.  I love seeing you come alive in front of my camera , building you confidence.  It's more about the experience and lifetime memories we will make ...I promise you will never forget it. Senior portraits have been around for years but they have evolved so much.  For me personally, I love  shooting a beautiful headshot of your daughter or son, but more importantly is capturing the way they look at this moment, and in that I capture a little glimp of the child they were.  It takes time to build that relationship with my senior so they become comfortable with me to show that side.  I know I have a special gift for that and I'm so blessed.  For me these just aren't "senior Pictures" that you mark off you to do list.  This is a special time that you will never get back.  I hope you will entrust me to capture it and preserve it for generation's. 

  My number one goal during your session is to bring out your unique personality and preserve it through high quality custom heirloom products.

I want you to feel incredible during your session, I'll be with you every step of the way to ensure you feel confident and beautiful.  Posing is my super power and I will guide you to look your best!!!


You can expect the most unique senior portrait experience available in Richmond, VA


My senior session's are all about the adventure and letting you truly express yourself.


I attract senior's that are looking for something different... artsy, creative and fun; fashionista's  to tom boys.  My senior's range from adventuresome, outgoing and confident to  introspective, quiet, shy and may need a big boost to their confidence.  My senior's are engaged in their community and care about the world around them, motivated, caring and busy.  I attract parents that want beautiful , creative and timeless images of their child and a memorable experience . They want a great experience for their child and high quality.  I will capture images that remind you of the  little girl and boy they were,  to the blossoming of the young woman or man they are becoming.  I will capture their inner beauty and personality, laughter , silliness and  seriousness.  My parent's love to display images of their children.  I am a print artist , therefore that is what I provide.  I'm all in with my session's, so if you just want a quick session with a few portraits, I'm probably not the photographer for you.  What I offer is so much more than that.  I am with you throughout every step and here to assist in any way I can.


How do I achieve this???  Easy, I listen to you and get to know you and your parents.  Together , we plan the perfect session.  It's as much about the experience as the images that are produced.   This is something that you will treasure and remember for the rest of your life.


Do you have question's?  Would you like to set up a consultation?  Contact me here.   Or call, I'd love to chat and plan something amazing. 804-931-9603  Nothing is impossible.  I love destination session's  , so if you dream of the Big Apple or a private stream in the mountains, we can make it happen.



Additional information.


First and foremost , the most important thing to me is to give you unique portraits.  They really need to tell a story of who you are.  I do this by working closely with you and getting to know you. I will have a little questionnaire that will help me.  I also need your help and input.  This is a great time in your life and needs to be celebrated and remembered.  I like doing fun and different things, so if you have an idea,  I want to hear all about it.  I will give you a great experience, by keeping things fun, fresh and laid back. For you girls, I like to give you images that are sophisticated, classy, age appropriate and timeless.  No cheesy backdrops and props. Nothing embarrassing or inappropriate for your age.  I have daughter's too.  You are well on your way to adulthood but, you are still a kid to your parents.  And trust me these images will become even more valuable to you as you get older.  You will love looking back on them. So, think about what you want your portraits to portray.  Do you read, do you have a hobby, is your religion or culture important to showcase?


I love to help you style your session from top to bottom.  


I show you exactly how to pose,  so no worries, if you "don't know what to do" .  I help you with poses that compliment your personality, nothing forced or fake.  Just enough to make your images stand out from the rest. I also incorporate a lot of candid and natural poses and expression's too.  I'm goofy, so I will make you laugh.  I like to have a good time.   I am experienced with working with all body types and I mean it when I say everyone is beautiful.  Don't be shy with me, tell me upfront what your concerns are.  There are flattering poses for everyone.  And guys, I want to showcase your masculinity, no feminine poses.  I will highlight your strength. 


Your session will take place at any location you choose, I have recommendations.  Again, a lot depends on your personality.  We have such cool locations around Richmond, VA.  Some popular locations are farms, pony pasture, downtown Richmond, Maymont Park, Old Towne Petersburg, lakes.  I even have a farm with horses to use in your portrait. Any place special to you.


If this sounds like something you want hear more about , shoot me an email or call me at 804-931-9603. !! click here to contact me. Or head on over to my blog here for studio updates , specials and some cool images.

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Check out the Senior Porfolio here.




I don't think I've grown up yet, and hope I don't .  I love what my 16 year listens to, I'm too embarrassed to mention who.  I love concerts and shopping.  But, my style is definitely eclectic, I love vintage, textured , earthtone,  red, oversized sweaters, beautiful dresses, Jeans and t shirts, and shiny stuff.  I'm like a squirrel when i see shiny things.  Oh, and makeup. I like making pinterest boards, I think I can make crafts...but, I can't.  I love art and of coarse photography. I love coffee , I love Pretty Litttle Liars and ID.  My favorite movies are Sweet Home Alabama, Under the Tuscan Sun, 50 first dates, My Best Friends Girl , Transformers, and Star Wars, just to name a movies, but not TV so much.   Crazy , huh?   I love mentoring teens in photography and will happy to share anything with you.






Please give me a call or send me an email and I would be happy to send you a magazine outlining all of the details. Remember my art is all custom, and I do not run a high volume studio. I only accept a limited number of session per season to ensure I can give you my undivided attention and produce beautiful artwork that you will be able to proudly display in your home.




The session fee cover my time , planning, and executing your custom session . As well as, hours of editing your images to produce art. Prints and digital copies are extra. I have packages available as well as al la carte. Packages offer you a significant savings over a la carte. And digital images are available and included in some packages.




I work with you throughout the session, from beginning to end. We will sit down and have a consultation. This is crucial. This is where I'll learn all about you and your dream session. And you will get to know me, and make sure we are a good fit. NO obligation and no hard feelings if we aren't. I want you to be completely satisfied with your session and products. And by the way, my products, ROCK. I ONLY use the highest quality products, and my customers are always , WOWed.


After our consultation, I wil begin planning your session, which will include securing the appropriate location, buying necessary props and accessories. Working with you on your wardrobe choices.


At the session , I will ensure you have a fun, carefree and relaxed session. If you choose hair and makeup with your session, which I highly recommend. It's that little extra that will add to your confidence and give your images that wow factor. Plus , it's really nice to be pampered. You will never be rushed. I will give you gentle direction on posing and modeling. Great posing and lighting make great portraits....bottom line. It is my job to make you look fabulous.


Afer your session we will meet in about a week and review your images in person. (The exciting part) I do tend to "overshoot", and I apologize in advance. But, I'll help you narrow them down. Sometimes , I shoot several of the same pose and keep them all, because your expression was just slightly different, and almost always, you will like one and your mom will like the other, ha ha. But , I promise I have a great system to help you narrow down your favortites. And I will help you pick cool products to showcase your images. My most popular products are my collages, which I design myself and  albums-(custom designed as well) Other options are storyboards(3-5 images), metal prints, canvas portraits, cubes, just to name a few.


After the ordering session it will take 2 -4 weeks for your products to be delivered (depending on the product). And I will hand deliver them to you:))