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Do you have a studio?

Yes we do.  It is especially set up for newborns, children, 1st birthdays, maternity and boudoir.  We have a ton of props, accessories for newborns and children.  For maternity clients we have a large selection of wraps and drapes.  Tux and drape are also taken in the studio as well as small families.

Do you have unique locations for photoshoots?

We have several locations that we use.  I'm always looking for new places as I want your images to be unique.  I have a couple of private farms that I use as well as some more popular places, such as pony pasture, Old Towne Petersburg, a beautiful wheat field that is perfect at sunset.  But, even with those your images will be different.  A lot is dictated on your style and clothing choices.

Do we have a contract for us to sign?

Yes, absolutely.  It protects both of us.  I will review it with you at the consultation.

Do you post pictures to facebook?

Only with your written consent.  We respect your privacy!!

What if I have to reschedule?

A $50 retainer is collected when you schedule your session.  You can change your session up to 2 times.  If the session is not rescheduled the retainer is non-refundable. Please give us 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule.

Do you offer digital images on a CD?

We do offer packages with digital only. However, we really like for you to have a nice portrait for your home.  We do understand that a lot of people like to have a digital copy and most collages and albums include digital copies. Your digital images will be delivered on a custom flash drive.  Flash drives are more stable.  Please back them up as soon as possible.

Can I have the raw, unedited file to do my own editing?

I am sorry we do not offer that option.  All of our work is custom and is edited to reflect our personal art.  To change that would be like buying a painting and adding your own touches.  We pride ourselves on our art and would not want something displayed that did not have our signiture look.

Can I put the images on facebook?

After your viewing appointment , I will place images on facebook and tag you, with your permission.  Only watermarked images are allowed on facebook and only the images you have ordered.

Can I make my own copies and scans?

I can not really control this, but I do ask kindly that you don't.  There are a number of reason's...1st it does affect the health of my small business, 2nd ,with the time and investment you are making in your portrait session, I would hate for you to have images that are of low quality. Discounts are given for duplicates of images you have purchased.

Where do you recommend I print images from my CD?

Glad you asked.  We have a lab we highly recommend.  Mpix or Richmond Camera.  I have personally done a comparison of all the consumer labs (walmart, walgreens, costco, sam's, target and CVS)  There is simply no comparison to our professional lab and I will have examples to show you.  The images from the consumer labs are often off in their color, sharpness , brightness and depth.  I will be implementing a shop that will allow you to print from a pro lab when the CD is purchased. Prices will be comparable to consumer prices.

How long does it take to get my portraits?

After the session , we will meet in 7-10 days to view your images.  At that time , you will place your order.  If you choose the platinum collection, I will start editing your images and they will be ready in 2 weeks.  For albums:  All albums are custom designed and detailed.  Therefore, take a little longer, we ask for 6 weeks for delivery of albums.  Canvas portraits, and collages will take 4 weeks because of the custom nature.

Do you have online viewing?

We do online viewing for extended family sessions , events, headshot and modeling portfolio's. Online galleries will be up for 7 day's . To reactivate your gallery after 7 days will be 50.00 ( 1 month activation).

What if I loose my flash drive?

Again, we ask and suggest that you back them up immediately.  You can use a cloud based back up and your hard drive.  Always have 2 backups.  If you do loose your files, we will be happy to make you a new one.  The fee is 35.00.

How long do you keep my files?

Ordered images are kept on file for 1 year.  Unordered images are kept for 30 days.  We have to purge our files every month, because the files are so large.

Do you do weddings?

Well, the short answer is no.  But, we will consider small wedding and especially if they are off season.  I need to leave my weekends free for families and senior's.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes.  It is very flexible and no interest.  Plans can range from 3-5 months depending on the amount of the purchase.  Custom items, such as albums and canvas collages will need to be paid in full before ordering.  But,  only 50 down is required for most products to be ordered.  We accept credit cards also and have payment contracts.

What equipment do you use?

All professional grade cameras and lighting.  I'm a canon girl.  I also use westcott, alien bee's, quantum and profoto. I always have backup equipment with me.

Will you help me with outfit choices?

Absolutely!!  Free design consultations are always included. We will discuss this during you consultation.  I will ask to see images from your home or visit in person.  This gives us insight into your style and color palate. Coordinating clothes and clothes that make you look and feel great, are what make a beautiful cohesive portrait.

What if I don't like my images?

I hope that never happen's but, I want and need you to be completely thrilled.  I think this is where the pre consultation is so crucial.  You will get a chance to see my style and I will get to know exactly what you are looking for and see if we are a good fit.  My work is very consistent.  If you are unhappy with the quality and technical aspect of your images , I will be happy to reshoot your session.  If however, it is something out of my control, such as unwilling and uncooperative subject, or choice in outfit you are under no obligation to order images but, the session fee is non refundable.  I will do my best to discuss clothing and any potential problems. 

Why do I have to do an in person ordering session?

This is actually a valuable service to you.  We will use software to enable you to narrow down your choices, so it is not so overwhelming. We will assist you with selecting the best and most appropriate products.  Not everyone has wall space.  Sometimes, collages or image boxes and albums are better for small spaces.  Maybe, you need images for family members, we can put a package together for that. Maybe you are looking for something different or more contemporary.  And the best... we will come to you, especially helpful if you are a new mom, or have children at home. We will also be able to use our software to show size differences and how they will look on your wall.

What if my child or baby has a "melt down" during the session?

Oh, it happens.  First , I always try to give them a little time to warm up to me and explore their surroundings.  I will shoot also during this time to get some candid images.  I often do recommend outdoor locations with small children, they seem to be the most comfortable and I get great images of them just being themselves. I also work quickly with children, I know their attention span can not tolerate long sessions.  That being said, I will get the essential images a little after they do their exploring, shot some more formal images and let them do some more exploring if necessary.  It really just depends on the child, and I'm really good with kids.  I don't want to jinx myself, but, they generally like me.  I don't come on to strong, I let them accept me.  Kids know fake.  Ok, I got off subject.  If it is just not happening , we WILL reschedule.  Don't even worry about it.  I wouldn't specialize in children if I didn't know that this stuff happens.  I want this to be a positive and happy experience for your child and you.

What does the session fee cover?

Since we are a custom portrait studio, we spend as much time as needed with you to ensure the success of your session.  Pre-consultations, which include the planning, seeing samples, getting to know each other, wardrobe planning.  We will plan the perfect location.  We will secure that location and props. The session will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, based on the type of session (which is reflected in the session fee).  After the session , we will download and backup your images multiple times, to ensure safety.  We will begin the culling of your images to choose the best and most variety.  All of these images will be processed with photoshop and lightroom for contrast and sharpness.  In- person ordering and design session, convenient to you.  On- going support.