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     Hi there, I'm Kimberly and welcome to my website. I am so happy that you are here. I would love for you to look around and check out my portfolio and what is special about my business.

      My studio is based in Chesterfield, VA.   I have owned my own home studio since 2007, but started my photography career in 1986.  I am a proud member of PPA, licensed and insured in Va.

   I specialize in capturing emotions and connection's.  I want to draw out the true YOU!!, through posing , environment, mood, setting.  I do this by getting to know you...what you like to do in your spare time, your hobbies , what your ideal session would look like.  This allows me to really capture something special and memories that will last a lifetime.  You can see by my work that every session is unique and specific to my client.  This is the essence of my work...client focused.

     I am a full service , boutique style studio.  What does that mean...  Well, I work with you to give you a great experience.  I'm with you every step of the way to ensure that your portraits are perfect and most importantly reflect YOU.  I can only do that by getting to know you , your style , personality and your dream portrait session.  "Boutique" because I can only take on a limited number of client's in order to provide that kind of service.  "Full service" because I offer the highest quality products and prints to showcase your beautiful family artwork.  That is becoming more and more rare these days and I'm so proud that I can offer this to my special clients.  I find there are an increasing amount of families that desire beautiful artwork or custom designed albums, or wall groupings to display their families.  I think that most people know that digitals tend to just sit in a drawer or on their computer and my clients just love seeing tangible portraits.   I commission special art work for my client's. Something beautiful and one of a kind, hand retouched. And ,I get it about the digitals, they are nice to have too, so I do offer them as well.

     I offer easy payment plans and accept all major credit cards.  Custom photography is a luxury and investment that I assure you will only become more valuable with time.  My typical client's are celebrating a milestone, senior year, graduation, birth of a child, children's milestone, reunions, engagements.  Important milestones in your life that only come once and you want the best.

     I love having the flexibility that a studio gives me.  I can comfortably photograph fine art maternity, beautiful newborns and seniors in the comfort of a controlled environment.  Having a studio opens up so many opportunities.  But for senior's and families I adore natural outdoor location's and I'm always scouting new and unusual places with perfect light. 

     I also offer something unique in the way of a "styling closet".  This includes hats, scarves, jewelry, special and unique vintage props, such as sofa's, chairs, suitcases, name it.  And if you have a great theme idea, I'll make it come to life.  For my maternity client's and newborn , I also have a special "closet" just for you.  My maternity line includes couture dresses and wraps, and for newborn's...pant sets, lace dresses, pants, romper's, wraps , hats and hair accessories.  My collection is ever growing.  I feel that this is something that a boutique style photography studio must provide.


   My style has evolved since that time and it has taken some time to build my own unique style.    I love warm, vibrant colors, I love shadows and depth.  I love real and natural.  I am definitely a photojournalist at heart.  I am an artist.  I envision what your session will look like after meeting you and getting to know you.  And I make it come to life.  I love the creative process.

  I love what I do.  Like many, I love photography. It freezes time.  I feel a connection to the people I photograph and consider each to be an extension of my own family.  I have lost my parents and grandparents, so I know how important pictures are.  When my mother passed, it was just instinctual to grab the photo album and look at those memories.   I'm currently working on my Master of Photography degree through PPA.  I think it will be one more thing that sets me apart from other photographer's.  I am and have always been a little obsessive about learning.  Most people think I have a degree in photography but, actually it's in Nursing!!   I have been a Registered Nurse for 20 years...ugh, I can't be that old.  I love nursing too.  I have primarily specialized in pediatrics and oncology and pediatric oncology.  I incorporated a little of that into my photography business as well, as I am a volunteer photographer for the Gold Hope Project.  The Gold Hope project provides families of children battling cancer to be photographed for free.  I am very proud to be a member.  I also give back to my community in other ways as well.  Each year , I have a toy drive for the Holiday Helper Organization at Ft. Lee, VA.  Great organization, that collects and distributes toys to our military families.  Generally, I set up a special holiday themed session and invite all of my current clients in to get their holiday pictures taken with a free session and free digital image for their Christmas Cards , all they have to do is bring a toy to donate to the Holiday Helper.

I could list all the quirky things about me but, I really want you to see why I do what I do.  See , I love showing the connections between people.  It is something that means the most to me.  Maybe, because I'm a shy person by nature.  I've always been a people watcher.  I believe that is what gives me a gift of seeing the special bond between people and connecting with them.  When I have my camera, I'm not shy.  I love the one on one connection I have with you.  I see your beauty and I will show that in your images.  I will help you connect with the camera...with me, which in turn will result in engaging images.  If you are not comfortable, it will show.  But, what I do goes deeper than that.  I'm here to capture and facilitate that connection with your loved ones.  I know what kind of images you want.  You want something to remember.  You want images that reflect who you are, as a family, as an individual.  This takes some time to build a relationship with a stranger and be completely at ease to allow yourself to just be you.  And , it will reflect in your final images.  I love photographing families as they play and interact with one another, children looking thoughtful and inquisitive, or silly and unruly.  Headshot's that show who you are as a business professional, boudoir and glamour  images that showcase your femininity and softness.  Newborn's in their parents' arms as you gaze at them with awe.  


    I know this all comes from a very personal spot for me.  I do not have any images of my mother holding me or playing with me.  So, when I talk to you and encourage you to "get in the picture" with your children, please know that it comes from my own experience.  Because, I would give anything to have those images with my mom.  


     I am a story teller, whether it is a wedding, high school senior, boudoir, maternity, family...there is a story to be told.


     It would be a privilege to be a part of your lives and I would love to give you emotional images that will bring back fond memories for generations.